Line Honours

Nothing is more peaceful and graceful than a pond yacht gliding its way through still waters. Pond Yacht racing reached a peak of activity in the 1930s, with many models built at home by craftspeople turning a hobby into an art form. The popularity of pond yacht racing has left us a rich legacy of finely crafted yachts. These hand-built boats range from the simple folk art style to the stunning “Marblehead,” “50/800,” or “M” class. With 800 in2 of sail, the Marblehead class of pond yachts were stunning. The competition models were very sophisticated with vane steering and exquisite quality of the plank on frame construction. It was a relaxing and relatively inexpensive hobby and, the boats could be built and sailed by everyone.  As for the beautiful setting, I’ve been asked already by many where it is located, purely from my mind I reply, I hope to live in a similar place one day.

Line Honours, oil on Linen 95 cm x 180cm cm

On show at Parnell Gallery 8 – 22 November

263 Parnell Rd, Auckland 1052

Phone: 09-377 3133

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