Prized Possessions

“Prized Possessions” is a captivating painting exploring the intriguing world of collectors. One person’s junk is another’s treasure. With a combination of realism, imagination and using the trompe l’oeil style, the artist portrays a variety of objects that hold sentimental and nostalgic value to their owners.
At first glance, the painting draws attention to the bottom left corner, where a Matchbox 42 Studebaker Estate Station Wagon is displayed. The miniature car, accompanied by a hunter and his loyal dog, evokes memories of childhood playtime.
The Matchbox toys are in contrast to Beswick’s classic flying ducks. The ducks appear to defy gravity as they soar through the sky, yet their shadows anchor them firmly to the wall. One duck has fallen and can be seen in the lake. Perhaps the dog is about to retrieve the duck. Both Hunter and Dog are on a never-ending quest for their quarry.
A single brass picture hook and silhouette show where the duck hung before its demise. Maybe the duck will be restored using the Kintsugi technique. This scene hints at the impermanence of objects and the potential for loss.
The artist pays homage to the original Beswick flying ducks, a collectable series that originated in Stoke-on-Trent. These iconic pieces, created by freelance artist Mr Watkin, were produced in various sizes from 1938 to the early 1970s. The artist captures a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for vintage craftsmanship by including them in the painting. The ducks become more than mere objects; they embody a shared history and evoke a connection to the past.
“Prized Possessions” invites viewers to reflect on the nature of collecting and the emotional value we attach to objects. It prompts us to consider the fleeting nature of time, the potential for loss, and the possibility of restoration. Through the skilful portrayal of the Matchbox car and the flying ducks, the artist captures the essence of childhood memories, nostalgia, and the power of sentimentality. This painting serves as a reminder that our possessions are not merely physical objects but vessels for personal stories, connections, and the passage of time.


Prized Possessions, Oil on Linen 95 cm x 125 cm

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