The Philosophy

I’ve always loved buying prints and the hands-on process of printmaking. The intricate details of crafting each and every print is an art form in itself.

I’m often asked why I keep my editions limited to just 49 prints. The short answer is exclusivity—to me, anything less than 50 feels exclusive. For others, it seems, “limited edition prints” are limited only by how many times the artist wants to sign their name.

Deciding on an edition number is not as simple as it might seem. Often it’s a complex calculation between production costs and the desired profit margin that will determine what the edition number “needs” to be.

The total production cost is often the problematic element in printmaking, especially if the artist needs to outsource each part of the pre-print process. Fortunately, this is an area that I have a lot of control over, helping me to keep my edition numbers low. I output every print myself then trim, sign, handcraft the plastic cover and package the final product.

There maybe 49 prints but there is only ever one original.

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