The Art of Packaging

Limited edition prints are very fragile and need to be handled with care, so one of the first problems I encountered was deciding how to package them securely to endure the rigours of both local and international deliveries. It was absolutely essential that they arrive safely and in pristine condition. Working with such low print volumes made it difficult to source any off-the-shelf packaging which was usually only sold in large commercial quantities. I found the perfect tube from a local supplier that met my requirements but the plain tube needed graphics – a new challenge and a great opportunity to show off my artwork. I quickly drew inspiration from my years at design school, where I had loved working on packaging projects, and started developing design ideas that could encase the plain tube and give it a life of its own. I hand make each tube, it’s a labour of love but something that I really enjoy. These are the fantastic people that make my life easier.

Auckland Paper Tubes


Frames by Daniel


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